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We knew we needed to find a way to give our chairs a more contemporary look (not that back in day look as our teenagers would say!). Wanting to stick with oak and our quest for comfort along with traditional manufacturing techniques; this one gave us a run! We like this chair as it has a little spunk. And depending upon which seats and color combinations it can get pretty contemporary or just plain cute! This chair sports the same steam bent posts as our Farmhouse chair. Oak posts are placed in a vat of boiling water and then placed in a row of forms that bend the posts at just the right spot! They stay in our dry kiln for 48 hours and when removed have a perfect bend. We go one step further in making your stay in our chair more comfortable by shaving off a portion of the front of the posts so they will not dig into your back. The slats in the backs of these chairs and stools also visit the dry kiln and are cut to encourage you sit awhile! These chairs and stools are available in the traditional Troutman slatted double scooped seats, solid wood seats, and sea grass seats.
Round Top

Item # TM-224
  • Seat 13 1/2" Diameter
  • #18 - 18"H
  • #24 - 24"H
  • #30 - 30"H
  • All Finishes
  • Contrast Seats Available
Round Top Wood Stools
Shown in Black Contrast Seats Hand Rubbed Medium Oak (L) and Hand Rubbed Cherry (R)
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Solid Round Top

Price from: $138.00

Item #:TM-18
Item #:TM-24
Item #:TM-30

Stool Size:

Finish Choices:

Seat Finish:

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Wooden Round Top Stools
Shown in Natural

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