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Keeping in mind that children - angels that they are - are experts at product “testing”; we designed and constructed our table and chair set using the same techniques and processes as used for our adult chairs. Thus, our chairs and tables are perfect for tea parties, schoolwork, art sessions and able to withstand all kinds of pretend play like mountain climbing, fort building, stuffed animal ER and even take on heavy alien aircraft fire – the sky is the limit!

Notice we have offset the legs so they are at an angle which creates a sturdy, steady table, as well as making it easier for little ones who haven’t mastered “scooting” a chair, to get into the chairs. We offer two seat styles, solid wood oak seat and our traditional slat seat with a kiddie sized scoop!

Childs table & chairs
Shown in Summer Sky, Cloud White, Cotton Candy

Child's Table & Chair Set

Price From: $307.00

Item #:TM-25

Table Finish Choices:

Chair #1 Choice:

Chair #2 Choice:

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and Chair Set

from Troutman Chair
Item # TM-25
  • Set includes one table and two chairs
  • 24" Square Oak Table Top 18"H
  • Chair Seat 12 1/4" x 14" x 11 1/2"H
  • Back 25"H
  • All Finshes

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Aunt Annie's Rocker

This is a popular rocker especially in the south. Originally known as a “Nursery rocker” due to its extensive use in churches, schools, and hospital nurseries, this versatile rocker has become so much more to so many! Some of our employees have grown up using this rocker on their porches to shell peas and shuck corn. “Pickers” love this rocker as there are no arms to get in the way. It has a steam bent back and that double scoop seat Troutman customers love, Aunt Annie's Rocker sits a little lower, and is very comfortable. Thus it has been dubbed the “Guitar Rocker” in some circles. Here lately this rocking chair has found its way into classrooms for use with students. It seems that students diagnosed with Autism and ADHD have a need to rock. Working in a rocker helps the ADHD students stay on task while rocking for an Autistic child helps to calm them. Visit for more information.
Aunt Annie's Rocker
(for the Nursery)

Price: $217.00

Item #:TM-7

Finish Choices:


Aunt Annie'

from Troutman Chair
Item # TM-7
  • Double Scoop Seat 13 3/4" x 16 1/2" x 15 3/4"H
  • Curved Back 32" High
  • Natural or Unfinished
  • 26 lbs

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The Emily
Rocking Chair

Item # TM-50
  • Seat 11" x 13" x 8"H
  • Back 21 1/2"H
  • Personalization Available
  • All Finishes

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The Emily
Rocking Chair

Price: $177.00

Item #:TM-50

Finish Choices:

Touch Up Bottle:


Child Rocking chair
Shown in Natural

Child Rocker
Shown in Medium Oak

The Allison Rocking Chair

Price: $157.00

Item #:TM-52

Touch Up Bottle:


Allison Rocking Chair

Item # TM-52
  • Contrast Seats Available!
  • 3 Seats to Choose From
  • Double Scoop Seat 16 1/4" x 19 1/4" x 30"H
  • Solid Oak Seat 16" x 19 3/4" x 30 "H
  • Sea Grass 15 1/2" x 18 1/4" x 30"H
  • Back 44 1/2"H

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