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Lava Heater
in the USA!!

Lava Heater

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Enjoy your outdoor living and dining all year with the modern and stylish new Lava Heat portable outdoor gas heaters and gas flares. Other outdoor only heaters can be gathering dust in storage for up to 9 months of the year. Not Lava Heat! In winter use Lava Heat as a gas heater for warmth; in autumn, spring and summer, use Lava Heat for warmth on those occasional chilly evenings, or use the gas flare to create a beautiful fire-lit ambience and atmosphere.

Lava Heat is designed and manufactured with quality parts to be function as well as stylish. Using real-flame technology, Lava Heat provides radiant heating up to 25 m². This is up to twice the coverage given by typical "mushroom style" heaters.

The unique and innovative design creates an attractive visual style that brightens and enriches any setting at any time of the day. The modern and sleek looking device allows Lava Heat lamps to serve as subtle and good-looking decoration to any patio location.

Lava Heat is energy efficient, and features an infrared remote control with 3 separate heat settings.

Multiple Lava Heat lamps can be controlled from one remote, making them an ideal and almost instant addition to a wide area. Rather than individually engaging and igniting more than a dozen lamps to heat a large rooftop patio, a single push of a button can do it instantly.

Moreover, the beautiful dancing flame, which is wind-proof, gives a unique and attractive visual look to any area. It provides light in the dark, emits heat in a 6 meter diameter, and is perfect for any terrace or patio.

Lava Heater
in the USA!!

Lava Heater
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Lava Heat

Warm Dining on Cool Nights

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Lava Heaters


Lava Heat Outdoor Heater

Lava Heat - Italia

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Pricing
From $1,399.00

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Finish Color:

Optional Wheel Kit:

Lava Outdoor Heat Lamp
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  • Lava Heat can be used year round - for warmth in the cooler months, or as an ambient gas flare for the warmer months
  • Lava Heat has a safety "tip-over" switch that will disconnect the gas supply to the flame in the event that Lava Heat is knocked over accidentally.
  • Durability & weather resistant: materials used in the construction of Lava Heat include aluminium, powder coated metal & stainless steel
  • "Flame failure" protection standard
  • Heavy duty rollers for improved mobility
  • Remote control, allowing one to control multiple electronic Lava Heat's
  • Adjustable heat control with 3 settings
  • Lava Heat radiates warmth in a circle of up to 25 sq. meter coverage
  • Shipping Height 7'10", Width 24" x 24"
  • 70 lb.
  • 10 Year Warranty!!
  • Lava Heat Install Video

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