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By George

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Set your lawn or garden apart with a topiary dispay. These whimsical animals add a touch of adventure and fun that is sure to bring a smile to all who visit your garden creation.

Each of these frames is hand woven of durable steel, and double coated with epoxy to discourage rust. Many of the larger forms are designed in two pieces to allow easy access to the interior. Each topiary Single form comes with or without Sphagnum moss growing medium. Sphagnum moss is generally regarded as the best performing substrate due to its homogeneity and ability to absorb air and water with great efficiency.

design By George
So who is George? We haven't seen him around the office and we don't know anyone by that name on the payroll. But the question still remains, who is George? We're not sure, but as soon as we saw this line of products, we knew right then and there, 'By George' this is the one. This new series, here in 2008 has been 5 years in the making. Whimsical and fun, these lawn and garden art animals are sure to delight!
Twig Bird topiary by George

20"H x 16"L x 16"W

Twig Bird


Item #:GP-Twig Bird-617



Twig Bird Beak-UP
22"h x 13"l x6"w


Item #:GP-Twig Bird-22618




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